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NYC's oldest non-profit dedicated to aiding community groups get Landmarked.  Seriously check out their website for Landmarking 101.

THE BUCKS STARTS AND STOPS HERE!  The City Agency that designates landmarks districts and landmarks.  

City wide campaign to unite community groups around the zoning crisis facing our neighborhoods.  THE BEST SOURCE for sources on Preservation, Zoning and the real politics behind how real estate is ruining our city and WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT....

Our National Version of Landmarking.  Amazing!  

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1. Direct Technical Assistance:

Pratt Institute Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative (SAVI):


2. Reference materials for secondary research:

  1. NYC Department of City Planning, 2014. Community District Profiles

  2. NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 2016, NYC Community health profiles:

  3. New Yorkers For Parks, 2015, City Council District Profiles:

  4. Furman Center For Real Estate and Urban Policy, Various historic preservation and planning research resources:


3. Mapping resources:

  1. NYC Mapping portal:

  2. NYC Searchable Property Environmental E-Database:

  3. NYC Department of City Planning Zoning and Land Use Map:

  4. NYC OASIS Map:

  5. NYC Department of City Planning Census FactFinder:


 4. Publicly available data:

  1. BYTES of the Big Apple:

  2. NYC Open Data:

  3. NYS Data Clearinghouse:

  4. U.S. Census Bureau American Fact Finder:

  5. U.S. Census Topological Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing files:

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