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OUR Mission

Crown Heights South Association, INC, (CHSA) is a non-profit civic association dedicated to the preservation of the historic buildings of Crown Heights South community and residents. CHSA is also devoted to community revitalization, economic advancement, housing stabilization, and cultural enhancement.


Recognizing and respecting the rights of homeowners, renters, houses of worship, cultural institutions, landlords and local businesses, a major purpose of CHSA is to maintain an ongoing collaboration with all stake holders to stabilize and preserve the architectural heritage of the building stock. CHSA is committed to working with elected representatives, government officials, Community Board 9 and civic associations to secure and maintain their support.  CHSA’s encompassing mission is to highlight the aesthetically valuable legacy of the many historic buildings concentrated in the neighborhood and to preserve the areas marvelous heritage for posterity and slow down the damaging effects of speculative development  which threaten many of our architectural treasures.  CHSA will also promote beautiful building design, community based zoning and work to support community development of the Bedford Union Armory.

OUR  Goals:

Landmarking - Initially the proposed area, (bordered by Washington Avenues, Eastern Parkway, Crown Street and Troy Avenue) and then the area the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) surveyed in 1978 for Crown Heights South East towards Rochester Aves.


Community Based Planning - As signatories of New Yorkers for a Human Scaled City Campaign, CHSA has joined a citywide coalition of community groups who are fighting for a bottom up inclusionary approach to planning and zoning.


Beautiful Buildings Collaborative - (BBC) Campaign in conjunction with Pratt School of Architecture and local developers that have “as of right” projects in our classically designed neighborhood to fight inappropriate modern building aesthetics by designing architecturally appropriate facades that maintain and enhance, not degrade our area’s historic fabric.


Bedford Union Armory  - The former C-Troop Armory, built in 1907 in rare  Art Nouveau style, is a community and city wide treasure that should be landmarked and developed to reflect community needs to include world class athletic, educational, cultural, renewable energy, urban farm, IT training, and business incubator facilities.  In short Crown Height’s “Town Square” in this historically significant building could be a focal point for commercial, non-profit and housing elements that can enhance our community if properly managed and designed. 

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