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The Bedford Union Armory isn't just an Art Nouveau Treasure that deserves to be landmarked. It is the heart and soul of the future Crown Heights South.   The community envisioned a world class civic center at various meetings that speaks to potential we deserve in our chronically under resourced area needs in order to SHINE. This publically  owned building needs to reflect and in very practical terms become that vision.  WE have the vision,  the current developers and the EDC DO NOT.   This is not about which developer will implement a mediocre project that will wreak havoc on our infrastructure, cause massive secondary displacement and not provide the common sense and forward thinking programming and living wage jobs.  Our proposal is what the community asked for.   We can and SHOULD do better than 3 basketball courts and 5 janitor jobs.  The RFP needs to be recalled,  & revamped with the following proposal in mind.  

Evelyn Tully Costa 

Crown Heights South Association

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